USB Type-C™ Development Kit

STMicroelectronics and Würth Elektronik together bring a USB Type-C and Power Delivery development solution

Image of STMicroelectronics and Würth Elektronik USB Type-C™ Development Kit Würth Elektronik and STMicroelectronicscombine to provide a USB Type-C development kit for users looking to leverage the expanded range of options offered by USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (PD) in their projects. This development kit is ready for immediate use in prototypes and represents a reference design for safe and flexible USB PD applications up to 100 W.

USB Type-C connectors are used in many devices and there are many reasons for adopting USB-C® regardless of the final application. Since the connector is reversible, it can be plugged into a device either way. It can carry up to 100 W charging power (from 5 V/0.1 A up to 20 V/5.0 A), and it merges legacy Type-A and -B ports and combines the functionalities of both into one connector that can even change roles on the fly. The Würth Elektronik and STMicroelectronics development kit is a robust solution with embedded protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) ensured by using Würth Elektronik eiSos USB Type-C connectors, inductive components, and capacitors and STMicroelectronics certified USB PD controllers with built-in protection. Additionally, it is a complete ready-to-use solution with evaluation boards and a demonstration board for sink and source applications from 0.5 W up to 100 W. These boards can be used without any additional software or firmware, allowing faster development time.

The USB Type-C development kit includes three assembled boards and a high current rating USB Type-C cable. The first board is the 40 W source evaluation board with the STUSB4710 auto run controller and on-board DC/DC converter from STMicroelectronics. The STUSB4710 integrates all the digital and high-voltage analog circuitry needed to autonomously support full USB PD negotiation. It supports up to five Power Data Objects (PDOs) and power-sharing applications thanks to its I2C interface. Typical applications are power-source applications such as AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs, and DC/DC applications.

The second board is the 100 W sink evaluation board with the STUSB4500 autorun controller from STMicroelectronics. It allows straightforward migration from STD-B, micro-B, or custom power plugs to a Type-C™ connector. This solution is ideal for automatically prompting a charging process even if the battery is empty. The STUSB4500 supports up to three PDOs. Typical applications are electronic devices charged through a USB Type-C connector.

The third board is the 100 W source demo board with the STUSB1602, an analog front-end that is a companion chip of the STM32 microcontroller, and an on-board DC/DC converter. The STUSB1602 provides up to five PDOs. Typical applications include power-source applications such as AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs, and DC/DC applications.

  • More Convenient
    • Thinner
    • Reversible
    • 10x more robust
  • More Power
    • Up to 15 W (5 V / 3 A)
    • Up to 100 W (20 V / 5 A) with PD support
    • Scalable and bi-directional
  • More Speed
    • USB 2.0 (LS, HS, FS)
    • USB 3.1 (Up to 10 Gbps)
  • More Protocol
    • Display Port
    • HDMI
    • Ethernet
    • Audio
  • More Secure
    • Authentication
    • Firmware update
Possible Applications
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Power Hubs, TV, STB
    • Power Banks
    • Propietary AC/DC adapters PFS
    • Peripherals, external HDD
  • Battery Operated Devices
    • E-cigarette, smart speakers
    • Power tools
  • Industrial
    • Wall plugs, smart speakers
    • Printers, Home appliances
  • Automotive
    • Power charging
    • Infotainment

USB Type-C™ Development Kit

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer

Evaluation Boards

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
STEVAL-ISC005V1STEVAL-ISC005V1STEVAL-ISC005V143 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
STEVAL-ISC004V1STEVAL-ISC004V1STEVAL-ISC004V136 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

USB Power Delivery Controller

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningSpänning - källaArbetstemperaturAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
IC USB CONTROLLER I2C 24QFNSTUSB4500QTRIC USB CONTROLLER I2C 24QFN4,1V ~ 22V-40°C ~ 105°C46 - ImmediateVisa detaljer


ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningInduktansStrömklassning (Ampere)Ström - mättnadsström (Isat)Available QuantityVisa detaljer
FIXED IND 160NH 3.07A 26 MOHM744040200016FIXED IND 160NH 3.07A 26 MOHM160nH3.07A4,9A1294 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
FIXED IND 330NH 2.57A 35 MOHM744040200033FIXED IND 330NH 2.57A 35 MOHM330nH2.57A3,4A366 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
FIXED IND 470NH 2.08A 49 MOHM744040200047FIXED IND 470NH 2.08A 49 MOHM470nH2.08A2,7A1520 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
FIXED IND 680NH 1.8A 63 MOHM744040200068FIXED IND 680NH 1.8A 63 MOHM680nH1.8A4,48A162 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
FIXED IND 1UH 1.49A 95 MOHM SMD74404020010FIXED IND 1UH 1.49A 95 MOHM SMD1µH1.49A2A1549 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningKapacitansRippelström @ låg frekvensRippelström @ hög frekvensAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
CAP 10 UF 20% 16 V865080340001CAP 10 UF 20% 16 V10µF47.2mA @ 120Hz80mA @ 100kHz8558 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP 15 UF 20% 16 V865080340002CAP 15 UF 20% 16 V15µF55.25mA @ 120Hz85mA @ 100kHz165 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP 22 UF 20% 16 V865080340003CAP 22 UF 20% 16 V22µF58.5mA @ 120Hz90mA @ 100kHz1349 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP 27 UF 20% 16 V865080342004CAP 27 UF 20% 16 V27µF110.5mA @ 120Hz170mA @ 100kHz194 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP 33 UF 20% 16 V865080343005CAP 33 UF 20% 16 V33µF120.25mA @ 120Hz185mA @ 100kHz372 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Ceramics Capacitors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningKapacitansTjocklek (max)Available QuantityVisa detaljer
CAP CER 10PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603885012006073CAP CER 10PF 100V C0G/NP0 060310pF0,034" (0,87mm)1434 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP CER 33PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603885012006076CAP CER 33PF 100V C0G/NP0 060333pF0,034" (0,87mm)1420 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP CER 47PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603885012006077CAP CER 47PF 100V C0G/NP0 060347pF0,034" (0,87mm)1589 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP CER 68PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603885012006078CAP CER 68PF 100V C0G/NP0 060368pF0,034" (0,87mm)2826 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CAP CER 100PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603885012006079CAP CER 100PF 100V C0G/NP0 0603100pF0,034" (0,87mm)5103 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

USB Connectors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningStrömklassning (Ampere)Spänning - märktHopkopplingscyklerAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
CONN RCP USB2.0 TYPEA 4POS TH RA614104190121CONN RCP USB2.0 TYPEA 4POS TH RA1,5A30 VAC50003409 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN RCPT USB3.0 MICRO B SMD692622420101CONN RCPT USB3.0 MICRO B SMD0,25A, 1,8A30 VAC100001124 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN RCPT USB2.0 TYPEA 4P SMD RA629104190121CONN RCPT USB2.0 TYPEA 4P SMD RA1,5A30 VAC15003553 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
WR-COM_USB 3.1_TYPE C_HORIZONTAL632723130112WR-COM_USB 3.1_TYPE C_HORIZONTAL5A20 V DC100000Visa detaljer
WR-COM_USB 3.1_TYPE C_VERTICAL_S632722110112WR-COM_USB 3.1_TYPE C_VERTICAL_S5A20 V DC100001987 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Power Jack Connectors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningFaktisk diameterSpänning - märktStrömklassning (Ampere)Available QuantityVisa detaljer
CONN PWR JACK 0.7X2.35MM SOLDER694101308002CONN PWR JACK 0.7X2.35MM SOLDER0,026" (ID 0,65mm), 0,110" (YD 2,80mm)12 V DC2A859 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER694102107102CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER0,041" (ID 1,05mm), 0,154" (YD 3,90mm)18 VDC5A286 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER694102303002CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER0,041" (ID 1,05mm), 0,165" (YD 4,20mm)30 V DC2A873 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER694102304002CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER0,041" (ID 1,05mm), 0,150" (YD 3,80mm)20 V DC2A324 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER694103107102CONN PWR JACK 1.05X3.5MM SOLDER0,041" (ID 1,05mm), 0,154" (YD 3,90mm)18 VDC5A328 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Pin Header Connectors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningKontaktlängd - polstiftÖvergripande kontaktlängdIsoleringshöjdAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 2.54MM61301011121CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 2.54MM0,118" (3,00mm)0,454" (11,54mm)0,100" (2,54mm)4610 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN HEADER VERT 32POS 2.54MM61303211121CONN HEADER VERT 32POS 2.54MM0,118" (3,00mm)0,454" (11,54mm)0,100" (2,54mm)218 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 2.54MM61301021121CONN HEADER VERT 10POS 2.54MM0,118" (3,00mm)0,454" (11,54mm)0,100" (2,54mm)2054 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN HEADER VERT 64POS 2.54MM61306421121CONN HEADER VERT 64POS 2.54MM0,118" (3,00mm)0,454" (11,54mm)0,100" (2,54mm)508 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
CONN HEADER R/A 10POS 2.54MM61301011021CONN HEADER R/A 10POS 2.54MM0,118" (3,00mm)-0,100" (2,54mm)788 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Socket Header Connectors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningAntal positionerAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
2.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH610304218212.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH4787 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
2.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH610306218212.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH6730 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
2.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH610308218212.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH8976 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
2.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH610310218212.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH10778 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
2.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH610312218212.54MM_SOCKET HEADER_SMT_STRAIGH121031 - ImmediateVisa detaljer

Terminal Blocks Connectors

ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningTypAntal positionerPositioner per nivåAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS 90DEG 7.62MM691317410006TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS 90DEG 7.62MMHållare, hanstift, kapslad (4 sidor)660Visa detaljer
TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS 3.81MM691358310002TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS 3.81MMStickdon (honuttag)220Visa detaljer
TERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS 3.81MM691358310003TERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS 3.81MMStickdon (honuttag)33232 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 3.81MM691358310004TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS 3.81MMStickdon (honuttag)440Visa detaljer
TERM BLOCK PLUG 5POS 3.81MM691358310005TERM BLOCK PLUG 5POS 3.81MMStickdon (honuttag)550Visa detaljer


ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningFärgMillicandela-märkningSpänning - fram (Vf) (Typ)Available QuantityVisa detaljer
LED BLUE CLEAR 0603 SMD150060BS75000LED BLUE CLEAR 0603 SMDBlue145mcd3,2V38771 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD150060GS75000LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDGrön430mcd3,2V60724 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMD150060RS75000LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDRöd250mcd2V150534 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMD150060SS75000LED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDRöd60mcd1,9V11728 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMD150060VS75000LED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDGrön40mcd2V25779 - ImmediateVisa detaljer


ImageTillverkarens artikelnummerBeskrivningStyrdonets höjd från kretskort, vertikaltKonturOperativ styrkaAvailable QuantityVisa detaljer
SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V434153017835SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V1,70mm3,50mm x 2,90mm350gf21906 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM430773034825WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM3,40mm6,20mm x 6,20mm250gf1435 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM430783034816WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM3,40mm6,20mm x 6,20mm160gf390 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM430773051825WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM5,10mm6,20mm x 6,20mm250gf314 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM430783051816WS-TASV 6 X 6 MM J-HOOK SMD HERM5,10mm6,20mm x 6,20mm160gf300 - ImmediateVisa detaljer
Published: 2019-11-08