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Image of VCC's T-3 1/4 Miniature Lamps
T-3 1/4 Miniature Lamps

VCC's T-3 1/4 are miniature LED replacement lamps are available in a variety of colors and voltages suitable for mission critical applications.

Image of VCC's T-2 Slide Based Lamps
T-2 Slide Based Lamps

VCC's T-2 are slide based LED replacements for incandescent lamps offered in a variety of bases and colors, and mount directly into industry standard sockets.

PC-16 Series Rotary Potentiometer - Piher
PC-16 Series Rotary Potentiometer

Piher's PC16 is a 16 mm carbon resistive potentiometer used for a wide variety of applications including audio and industrial designs.

Image of SiTime's SIT9387 Series Elite MEMS Oscillators
SIT9387 Series MEMS Oscillators

SiTime's SIT9387 series MEMS oscillators deliver exceptional dynamic performance and pulse-width modulation in the presence of common environmental hazards.

Terminal Hand Tools - Panduit
Terminal Hand Tools

Panduit® terminal crimping tools are available in an assortment of styles to meet a variety of installation needs.

MP2384 Step-Down Converter - MPS Monolithic Power Systems
MP2384 Step-Down Converter

The MPS Monolithic Power Systems MP2384 is a fully integrated, high-frequency, synchronous, rectified, step-down, switch-mode converter.

Image of Hirose Electric's DF1B and DF1E Series
DF1B and DF1E Series Connectors

Hirose DF1B/DF1E wire-to-board discrete wire connectors offer a concept that allows the use of insulation displacement and crimping contacts together.

Image of TE Connectivity - Potter and Brumfield's SSR Series Solid State Relay
SSR/SSRD/SSRT Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity’s Potter and Brumfield solid state relays benefit industrial applications where silent, fast, and long electrical life in switching is required.

Image of Parker Chomerics' THERM-A-FORM™ CIP35 Dispensable Thermal Interface Material
THERM-A-FORM™ CIP35 Dispensable Thermal Interface Material

Parker Chomerics' THERM-A-FORM is a dispensable form-in-place compound designed for heat transfer without compressive force in electronics cooling applications.

Image of Pihar's PSC-360 Contactless Sensor
PSC-360 Series Contactless Sensors

Piher's PSC-360 series are contactless sensors sealed for high stability under harsh environmental conditions and are flange-mounted for easy positioning.

Image of Laird Thermal's BL651 Series Bluetooth® 5 Module
BL651 Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy Modules Featuring Nordic nRF52810

Laird's BL651 series Bluetooth® 5 low energy module featuring Nordic nRF52810 silicon is drop-in compatible with the BL652 series.

GaN Technology - Infineon
GaN Technology

Infineon’s new CoolGaN™ portfolio provides a great option with success in power technology, their extensive system expertise and application dedicated products.

Image of CUI's Wall Plug and Desktop Adapters
IEC 62368-1 Certified Power Adapters

CUI’s wall plug and desktop adapters are compliant with IEC 62368-1 safety standards to help keep designers in-line with US and EU regulations.

Image of Bel Fuse 0ZSC Series Battery Strap PTC Fuse
0ZSA/0ZSC Series Battery Strap PTC Fuses

Bel Fuse's 0ZSA and 0ZSC series axial lead battery strap PTC fuses are designed for use in rechargeable battery packs, lithium cell, and battery packs.

Peltor™ LiteCom™ Two-Way Radios - 3M
Peltor™ LiteCom Two-Way Radios

The 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom Plus headset is a hearing protector with a built-in communication radio for cable-free, short-range communication.