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Image of Diodes' PI3EQX12904AZHEX ReDriver™
PI3EQX12904AZHEX ReDriver™ ICs

Diodes’ PI3EQX12904AZHEX PCIe® 3.0/SATA3 combo ReDriver™ has 4 differential channels, providing programmable linear equalization, output swing, and flat gain.

Image of Display Visions' 2.9 inch Industrial Pin Connected Monochrome OLED Display
2.9" Industrial Pin-Connected Monochrome OLED Display

EA Display Visions' pin connected OLED display is specially designed for direct mounting and soldering.

Image of Panasonic's U-Vacua™ Series Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)
U-Vacua™ Series Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)

Panasonic’s U-Vacua™ series vacuum panels are thin nonstructural thermal insulation panels used in applications requiring superior R-value performance.

Image of Banner Engineering's Q45VA Series All-in-One Condition Monitoring
Q45VA Series All-in-One Condition Monitoring

Banner Engineering helps identify equipment problems early before a failure can occur by monitoring the health of motors, fans, pumps, and similar equipment.

JTD Series POWER-PRO Class J Time-Delay Fuses - Littelfuse
POWR-PRO® Class J Time-Delay Fuses – JTD Series

Littelfuse POWR-PRO® JTD Series Class J fuses' compact design is specifically designed for applications where space is a premium.

Image of VCC's CDLB Series 0.236′′ (6.0 mm) Long Body LED Indicator,  IP67 Sealed and Vandal Resistant
CDLB Series 0.236′′ (6.0 mm) Long Body LED Indicator

VCC's CDLB series LED indicators have a prominent bezel style for increased visibility and are IP67 sealed and vandal resistant.

USB Power Delivery
USB Power Delivery

Infineon offers a comprehensive semiconductor portfolio to accommodate high power density designs needed for today’s digital-based USB Power Delivery standards.

Image of PUI Audio's High-Fidelity MEMS Microphones
High-Fidelity MEMS Microphones

PUI Audio's high-fidelity MEMS microphones cover the entire audio band from 20 Hz up to 18 kHz and up to 20 kHz on some models.

Image of Harwin's Gecko-SL Horizontal Connectors
Gecko-SL Horizontal Connectors

Harwin's Gecko-SL connectors are secure, robust, and miniature high-reliability connectors in 90 degree configurations.

Image of NJR (New Japan Radio) NJL6195R Photo Diode Sensor
NJL6195R Photodiode Sensor

NJR's NJL6195R photodiode sensor features wide spectral operation, high sensitivity, and high-speed operation in a small package size.

Image of Bourns HCTSM8 Series Transformers
HCTSM8 Series Transformers

Bourns’ HCTSM8 series are high clearance/creepage distance isolation power transformers.

Image of NJR (New Japan Radio) NJU7098A Operational Amplifier
NJU7098A Operational Amplifier

NJR's NJU7098A series operational amplifiers have a low offset voltage and zero-drift that is suitable for PLC, ATE, sensor modules, and solar power inverters.

Image of KEMET R41T Safety Radial Film Capacitor
R41T Safety Radial Film Capacitors

KEMET’s R41T safety radial film capacitors are RoHS compliant and have lead-free terminations.

Image of AVX Automotive Solutions
Automotive Solutions

AVX automotive components including connectors, tantalum capacitors, filter, inductors, & more available at DigiKey. Same day shipping!

Image of RECOM Power RPMB Series DC/DC Switching Regulators
RPMB Series DC/DC Switching Regulators

RECOM Power’s RPMB series switching regulators are available in a compact package size of 12.0 mm x 12.0 mm x 3.75 mm.