EHE004: 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, or 3.6V @ 100mA, Piezo


* We no longer carry piezo devices from Mide, however the IC's are good, so this design lives on.

The EHE004 is an energy harvesting conditioning circuit, which converts the AC output from a piezoelectric energy harvester to a regulated DC output.

The EHE004 consists of a full-wave rectifier with integrated charge management and DC-DC conversion, and connects directly to any Volture™ piezoelectric energy-harvesting product. The DC output can be configured to the following voltage settings: 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 3.6 V. The board includes 200 μF of storage capacitance onboard - more capacitance can be added if required.

The EHE004 utilizes the Linear Technology LTC3588-1 piezoelectric charge management IC - designed to maximize total piezoelectric energy harvester output and mechanical-to-electrical conversion efficiency with medium to heavy loads (below 10K-ohms).

Each Volture™ energy harvesting product has two piezoelectric wafers. The EHE004 provides the user with ability to connect these wafers either in series or parallel. The series setting provides power output at lower g levels for small vibration amplitude applications. The parallel setting provides higher average power output levels at higher vibration amplitude levels.


Manufacturer Mide Technology Corporation
Category Energy Harvesting
Sub-Category Vibration Energy Harvesting
Eval Board Part Number EHE004-ND
Eval Board Supplier Mide Technology Corporation
Eval Board -
Application / Target Market Mobile Asset Tracking
Wireless Sensor
Voltage Out 1.8 V
2.5 V
3.3 V
3.6 V
Voltage In 2.7 ~ 18 V
Current Out 100 mA
Features Power Good Output
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Design Author Mide Technology Corp.
Component Count + Extras 9 + 5
Main I.C. Base Part LTC3588 -1
Date Created By Author
Date Added To Library 2012-01

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