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Image of FLIR Extech's Light Meters
Light Meters

FLIR Extech light meters deliver accurate, repeatable readings and feature big-digit displays, a wide range of models, and ruggedized designs.

Image of FLIR Extech's Bench Top Power Supplies
Bench Top Power Supplies

FLIR Extech power supplies deliver electric power to a device or circuit (electrical load) usually by stepping down a higher voltage.

Image of FLIR Extech's Digital Thermometers
Digital Thermometers

FLIR's suite of thermometers are easy to use, safe, accurate, and provide users a solution for every contact or non-contact temperature measurement need.

Image of FLIR Extech's Stopwatches, Timers, and Clocks
Stopwatches, Timers, and Clocks

FLIR Extech's stopwatches and clocks ensure consistent timing of critical industrial/lab processes.

Image of Insight SiP's ISP1807 Bluetooth® Module with MCU and Antenna
ISP1807 Bluetooth® Module with MCU and Antenna

Insight SiP’s ISP1807-LR Bluetooth® 5.0 module in a miniature system-in-package (SiP) format offers support for Zigbee, Thread, and ANT+ in addition to BLE.

Image of Wakefield's 960 Series Plastic Push-Pin Heat Sinks
960 Series Plastic Push-Pin Heat Sinks

Wakefield-Vette’s 960 series push-pin heat sinks have plastic push-pins that engage with a hole in one application's PCB design.

Image of Amphenol ICC's ANSI C136-41 FLA Series Dimming Receptacles
ANSI C136-41 FLA Series Dimming Receptacles

Amphenol ICC’s ANSI C136-41 FLA series dimming receptacles provide connection between dimmable photocell and the luminaire for commercial and utility lighting.

DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 Evaluation Module - Texas Instruments
DLP® LightCrafter™ Display 2000 Evaluation Module (EVM)

Texas Instruments' DLP® LightCrafter™ display 2000 EVM consists of two subsystems, light engine and driver board.

Image of Texas Instruments' UCC23513EVM-014 Evaluation Board
UCC23513EVM-014 Evaluation Board

Texas Instruments' UCC23513EVM-014 evaluation board for the UCC23513 is ideal for industrial applications such as motor-control drives and power supplies.

Image of Silicon Labs' Timing Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs
Timing Solutions for Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs

Silicon Labs offers a broad portfolio of frequency flexible ultra-low jitter timing products for Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs with ample design margins.

Image of Molex's FA2 Crimp Applicators
FA2 Crimp Applicators

Molex's FA2 crimp applicators offer pneumatic and mechanical feed and are designed to industry-standard mounting.

Image of Texas Instruments' MSP430FR2676 MSP430™ MCU
MSP430FR2676 MSP430™ MCU for Capacitive-Touch Sensing

Texas Instruments' MSP430FR2676 is an MSP430™ MCU with CapTIvate™ technology providing an autonomous capacitive-touch solution at ultra-low power.

Smart Wearable and Hearable
Bosch Sensortec Hearable and Wearable Solutions

Hearable and Wearable sensing solutions from Bosch Sensortec enable next-level wrist-worn wearable devices for the users of tomorrow.

Image of Microchip's SST26VF SuperFlash® Memory ICs
SST26VF SuperFlash® Memory ICs

Microchip's NOR Flash memory ICs provide plug-and-play storage for applications that use Ethernet, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, IEEE 802.15.4, and FireWire®.

ZV Series Low-Voltage Surface Mount Varistors

Stackpole Electronics’ ZV series is surface-mount multilayer varistor technology designed to protect board level components from transient events.