- Steute has been building industrial automation components since 1961. As part of this focus, they manufacture-to-order an array of industrial-grade, cCSAus-Certified switches expressly designed for industrial applications. Their product line offers products in the following segments: Automation, Extreme and Wireless, all of which are known for durable and robust design and unmatched quality.

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Emergency Pull-Wire Switches

steute's emergency pull-wire switches have a positive linkage between the NC contacts and the pull-wire and they are equipped with wire-breakage detection. Läs mer

Automation Position Switch

Steute's position switches are used where moving parts of machines and industrial plants have to be positioned, controlled, and monitored. Läs mer

STE-1050057ES95 Safety Switch

Steute's safety hinge switches are suitable for hinged safety guards which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security. Läs mer

Belt Alignment Automation Switch

Steute's belt alignment automation switches monitor the alignment of the conveyor belt and transmit a signal if it becomes misaligned. Läs mer

Wireless, Non-Contact Magnetic Sensors

steute Wireless’ wireless non-contact magnetic sensors, in the presence of their actuating magnet, send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible receivers. Läs mer

Wireless, Batteryless Pushbutton Switches

steute Wireless' pushbutton switches are wireless pushbutton switches featuring an internal electrodynamic energy generator. Läs mer

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Function and usage of "Listen Before Talk" (LBT)

"Listen before Talk" technology (LBT) prevents several wireless switching devices from all transmitting signals at the same time. But how exactly does this "time management" system work?

Cable free switch control

steute Wireless // Cable free switch control

Setting and monitoring a status signal

The wireless switching devices transmit a status signal to the receiver at pre-defined intervals. Using the example of an RF I/O unit with an inductive sensor, we show you how easy it is to set and monitor the status signal.

Pairing an sWave® SAFE wireless foot control

For the initial operation of a wireless foot control, the switch has to be paired once with the corresponding receiver unit, using a pairing cable.

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