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Adafruit Industries LLC
NeoPixels RGB Ring and Matrix LEDs
Adafruit Industries LLC
NeoPixels RGB Strip LEDs
Bivar Inc.
C5000 Coastline Series

NeoPixels RGB Strip LEDs

Neo Pixel Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strips

Adafruit Industries LLC

The NeoPixels are the latest advance in the quest for a simple, scalable and affordable full-color LED. Red, green and blue LEDs are integrated alongside a driver chip into a tiny surface mount package controlled through a single wire. They can be used individually, chained into longer strings or assembled into still more interesting form-factors.

  • Color:Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
  • Interface:Serial (Shift Register)
  • Mounting Type:User Defined
  • Number of LEDs:144 ~ 240
  • Size / Dimension:1000.00mm L ~ 5000.00mm L
  • Utilized LED:SK6812 or WS2812

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14601460LED STRIP RGB DGTL 5M BK Strip (Black)150Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-RoHS
14611461LED STRIP RGB DGTL 4M BK Strip (Black)240Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-RoHS
15061506LED STRIP RGB DGTL 144LED/M BK Strip (Black)144Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-RoHS
11381138LED STRIP RGB DGTL 4M WHT Strip (White)240Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-
13761376LED STRIP RGB DGTL 5M WHT Strip (White)150Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-
15071507LED STRIP RGB DGTL 144LED/M WHT Strip (White)144Red, Green, Blue (RGB)-RoHS

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