Power Solutions

With an increased need for efficiency, smaller footprints and lower costs, Digi-Key's Power Solutions TechZone is designed to provide engineers with useful and reliable alternatives to assist in fulfilling all their power requirements.

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Texas Instruments’ 4.5V to 17V input, 2A, 3A synchronous step-down voltage regulator in SOT-23 with Advanced Eco-mode™ or Power-good and Soft-start.
Texas Instruments’ LM5175 buck-boost controller operates over a wide input voltage range of 3.5 V to 42 V (60 V maximum) to support a variety of applications.
CUI Inc has upgraded its 90 W and 120 W desktop AC-DC power supply series to meet the new level VI efficiency standards.
Delta’s latest BE Series, power entry filter modules, that are both compact and packed with multiple features and options.

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Introduction and overview of the features of the Murata MTU2 DC/DC converter.
Introduction to the NCS1 series of single-output DC-DC converters
Introduction to a one-chip solution or fail-safe power supervision for a mission critical system
Overview of the families of chip RF inductors offered by Murata.

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New this month: UCC24630, TPS563210, UCC28911, LLMX2571, TDC7200, DP83867, ADC34J22, PCM1862/0/4, LM5175
Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V support high efficiency and power density with the lowest on-state resistance RDS(on) and optimized switching behavior.
The RC-H5 generation provides highest efficiency and reliability for Induction Cooking Appliances. The devices are optimized for the lowest VCE(sat) for best efficiency and thermal performance, as wel...
The latest generation of reverse conducting IGBTs has been optimized for the demanding requirements of Induction Cooking applications. RC-H5 offers up to 30% reduction in switching losses, allowing de...
Texas Instruments TPS53513 High-Efficiency 8 A DC/DC Converter