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t-Global Technology

- t-Global Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal management solutions. t-Global manufactures materials in their state of art facilities in Taiwan and the UK. Their broad product portfolio covers silicone and non-silicone gap fillers, silicone and non-silicone putties, ceramic heat spreaders, combined thermal and EMI absorbers and a wide selection of die-cut insulators. Taiwan is the central location for new product development and research and the UK takes responsibility for complex engineering projects, rapid prototyping and dispensing technology. t-Global’s philosophy is based around a very short lead-time and low MOQ’s, which translates into rapid prototyping and a short time to market.

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Image of t-Global's TG-NSP-60 Series

TG-NSP-60 Series Gap Filler

t-Global Technology introduces their TG-NSP-60 series of high conformability, silicone-free, putty type dispensable gap filler for use in critical applications such as automotive electronics, consumer devices, and sensitive military applications.

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Image of T-Global Technology's Ceramic Heatsink

Ceramic Heatsinks

t-Global's ceramic heatsinks benefit from low-cost ownership and light weight, and are ideal for consumer good and military hardware applications.

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Image of t-Global Technology's PC96 Non-Silicone Gap Filler

PC96 Non-Silicone Gap Filler

t-Global Technology's PC96 is a non-silicone gap filler which is designed for use where silicone outgassing would be problematic and can be custom die-cut.

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Image of t-Global's PCM-20 Materials

PCM-20 Materials

T-Global's PCM-20 is a range of phase change materials used when exceptional cooling performance is needed for the most critical of applications.

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Image of t-Global's PC93 Non-Silicone Gap Filler

PC93 Series Non-Silicone Gap Filler

Thermally conductive pad for filling gaps, with a non-silicone resin for use in applications that may be sensitive to silicone oils from t-Global.

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Image of t-Global's TG-LH-EE-90 Thermal Epoxy

TG-LH-EE-90 Thermal Epoxy

TG-LH-EE-90 series products from t-Global are one-part, white, epoxy based adhesive developed specifically for fiber optic electronic applications.

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Product Training Modules View All (30)

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for the Electronics Industry

Phase Change Materials for the Electronics Industry

Duration: 5 minutes

PCM materials can be used for some of the most demanding of thermal applications.

Thermal Pads

H48 Product Range

Duration: 10 minutes

The H48-2 series of thermally conductive gap fillers covers the thermal conductivity range from 1.8-6 W/m.k and is available for a variety of applications.

Potting Compounds

Flexible Black Epoxy Potting Compounds

Duration: 5 minutes

TG-LH-FBPE-80 is a compound that can be used to increase lifetime, value and reduce operating costs for electronic devices.


TG-NSP35 Non-Silicone Putty Materials

Duration: 10 minutes

TG-NSP35 is perfect for circuit boards where there are multiple component heights that need to be connected to a heat-sink.

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