DACs Part 4 Buffering

Data Converters- Five Things to Know About DACs Part 4: Buffering

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So far in this series, resolution and accuracy, total unadjusted error, and output noise have been covered. This module will now take a look at the buffering of the DAC. It is split into two sections: buffering of the reference input pin, and buffering of the output. Both sections will discuss some of the technologies that require buffering as well as some instances where buffering is not necessary. Additionally, some tips on selecting buffers will be presented at the end of this module.
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Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AD5621BKSZ-REEL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 12BIT SGL 2.7-5.5V SC70-6AD5621BKSZ-REEL7IC DAC 12BIT SGL 2.7-5.5V SC70-628907 - Immediate
AD5621BKSZ-REEL7 product page link
AD5620BRJZ-2500RL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 12BIT SPI/SRL SOT23-8AD5620BRJZ-2500RL7IC DAC 12BIT SPI/SRL SOT23-8767 - Immediate
AD5620BRJZ-2500RL7 product page link
AD5621BKSZ-500RL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 12BIT SPI 5V SC70-6AD5621BKSZ-500RL7IC DAC 12BIT SPI 5V SC70-6856 - Immediate
AD5621BKSZ-500RL7 product page link
AD5620BRJZ-1500RL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 12BIT SPI/SRL SOT23-8AD5620BRJZ-1500RL7IC DAC 12BIT SPI/SRL SOT23-84151 - Immediate
AD5620BRJZ-1500RL7 product page link
AD5300BRTZ-REEL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 8BIT R-R 2.7-5.5V SOT23-6AD5300BRTZ-REEL7IC DAC 8BIT R-R 2.7-5.5V SOT23-61791 - Immediate
AD5300BRTZ-REEL7 product page link
AD5308ARUZ-REEL7 product page link
AD1139J datasheet linkIC DAC SNGL 18BIT 32-CDIPAD1139JIC DAC SNGL 18BIT 32-CDIP1 - Immediate
AD1139J product page link
AD5300WBRTZ-RL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 8BIT R-R 2.7-5.5V SOT23-6AD5300WBRTZ-RL7IC DAC 8BIT R-R 2.7-5.5V SOT23-630000 - Factory StockAD5300WBRTZ-RL7 product page link
5962-9320401MEA datasheet link12 BIT SERIAL DAC PORT 16CDIP5962-9320401MEA12 BIT SERIAL DAC PORT 16CDIP685 - Factory Stock5962-9320401MEA product page link
AD1139K datasheet linkIC DAC SNGL 18BIT 32-CDIPAD1139KIC DAC SNGL 18BIT 32-CDIP0AD1139K product page link
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ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
AD421BRZRL datasheet linkIC DAC 16BIT LOOP 4-20MA 16SOICAD421BRZRLIC DAC 16BIT LOOP 4-20MA 16SOIC1185 - Immediate
AD421BRZRL product page link
AD421BRZ datasheet linkIC DAC SRL 16BIT 16-SOICAD421BRZIC DAC SRL 16BIT 16-SOIC595 - Immediate
AD421BRZ product page link
AD421BNZ datasheet linkIC DAC SNGL 16BIT 16-DIPAD421BNZIC DAC SNGL 16BIT 16-DIP205 - Immediate
850 - Factory Stock
AD421BNZ product page link
AD421BRZRL7 datasheet linkIC DAC 16BIT LOOP 4-20MA 16SOICAD421BRZRL7IC DAC 16BIT LOOP 4-20MA 16SOIC107 - Immediate
AD421BRZRL7 product page link
AD421BR datasheet linkIC DAC SRL 16BIT 16-SOICAD421BRIC DAC SRL 16BIT 16-SOIC0AD421BR product page link
AD421BN datasheet linkIC DAC SNGL 16BIT 16-DIPAD421BNIC DAC SNGL 16BIT 16-DIP0AD421BN product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-10-25